Books by Adam J. Kurtz

"Adam J. Kurtz wants you to feel better. About yourself. About the world. About the creative process, which, if you’re anything like him, you’re well aware can stomp on your dreams and grind your optimism down until you’re an unproductive mix of insecurity and self-doubt." –Adweek

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Photograph of Unsolicited Advice planner surrounded by other books and stationery. Cover reads "It's not all sunshine and roses but a good amount of it actually is"

Figure out what you’re doing (maybe) with this offbeat, optimistic planner.

Somewhat imperfect and very human, the Unsolicited Advice planner is a tool for organization now, and reflection later as you fill it with plans, thoughts, goals, and feelings. We’re doing this together!

Self-published annually since 2011, the tenth edition is the best yet, with 228 pages of weekly spreads and activities, plus 10 sheets of die cut stickers for when you just need a little sticker to feel more OK about some bulls*** in your life.

Unsolicited Advice 2021 Planner
Photograph of Adam's Pick Me Up book surrounded by international translations of the same book

Feeling lonely? Excited? Wistful? Lost? An indecipherable mix of these and more?

This weird and wonderful book offers perspective, hope, and perhaps the best advice of all – your own! Plus a bit of existential humor because why not.

Flip to a random page and leave your mark. When you land on the same page days or weeks later, add a little more. Watch yourself change and grow with each visit as you record and reflect on the fleeting but amazing moments of everyday life.

Pick Me Up Journal
Photograph of Adam's book "Things Are What You Make of Them" accompanied by interior pages which have been torn out, with further handwritten text

Advice for creators of all kinds from someone who's been there (and kind of still is)

Handwritten and heartfelt, this pocket-sized book offers wisdom and empathy from one working artist to others, with perforated pages to share or display. 

Less "how to" and more "why even," this book is an encouraging reminder of our inner strength and intrinsic power to create.

"Filled with wit, warmth, wonder, and wisdom" –Alanis Morissette

Things Are What You Make of Them
Photograph of Adam's book "1 Page at a Time" surrounded by other yellow accessories and props, against a background of painted clouds on light blue.

The international bestseller!

1 Page at a Time is a 365-page daily journal that offers introspection, distraction, and encouragement. Intended to help young (and young-at-heart) people grow their way through a what can often feel like an impossible amount of time, it ultimately becomes whatever you want it to be: a scrapbook, a diary, or a silly activity book that occasionally gets too real.

It's available in three color covers in the U.S., and seventeen languages including PortugueseSpanishFrenchRussianItalianKoreanGermanArabic, and more!

1 Page at a Time Journal
Photograph of Adam's "OK Tarot" card deck pictured on a light pink background surrounded by ritualisitc items such as a bundle of sage and loose matches and palo santo stick.

The OK Tarot keeps things simple and leaves the interpretation up to you!

Glossy pink cards featuring "OK" illustrations (and exactly zero of those spooky dead guys) so anyone can find themselves represented within the artwork. Great for beginners and enthusiasts alike with an included instruction book by AmuNar.

"Leaning into our intuition requires we be relaxed, playful, and open… these cards encourage just that." –Chani Nicholas

The OK Tarot Deck