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Handwritten text reads: Feel something then create work that will evoke that emotion in others

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Animated photograph of Adam with copies of his book, Pick Me Up. Adam looks to camera and the image appears to wiggle creating a three-dimensional effect.
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Now again but like a human being

Originally from Toronto, I spent a decade in New York before moving to Honolulu with my husband and we finally adopted a dog which is BIG for us. Michelle Branch's The Spirit Room is a top tier album for me. I was previously the studio designer at ad agency Barton F. Graf and some other stuff. I don't have a whole big team – and I made this website myself.

I'm a creative person who has been making and sharing on the internet since my first fan website at twelve years old. After years of expressing myself online, I went to school for graphic design and learned to express myself slightly "too much" in more tangible forms.

My imperfect illustrative work embraces the world with "backhanded optimism" and a dark sense of humor. I'm hopeful but realistic. I'm "positivity-adjacent." I’m interested in the ephemera of daily life, a nice little thing that makes you feel better for some reason (that paper you keep in your wallet for three years) and creating honest, accessible work.

Many people call me Adam JK because of my initials and then it became the name of my Legal Business Entity® and yeah idk I'm goofy so it works.

I self-published an annual paper planner called Unsolicited Advice for twelve years. It's a project that got to be a small part of so many lives in a very special way.

Thank you for being here!

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Abrams Books, Adobe, American Express, Brooklyn Public Library, Chronicle Books, Dr. Martens, Fishs Eddy, HP, Instagram, L'Oreal, Mailchimp, Michelle Branch, Microsoft, The New Yorker, New York Magazine, Penguin Random House, PepsiCo, Sharpie, T-Mobile, Urban Outfitters, Vans

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99U Conference, Adobe MAX, AGDA Tour, Creative Works, DesignThinkers, Etsy, Facebook, Google, HOW Live, ICA/Boston, MICA, MoMA, NGV Melbourne, OCADU, OFFF, Pratt, RISD, SFMOMA, Shopify, Twitter, Wix, and plenty of other internal teams, schools, and spaces  •  More Info

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