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The Assumption Print

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I had been working on the assumption that
eventually everyone figures it out & goes on
living the life they've created
which is mostly true
but as soon as you figure it out, something else changes
so you figure that out too, & you keep going
so it really doesn't stop
& there isn't just 1 "it" to figure out
which is ok
& a little intimidating
but i know we will be fine
as long as we keep on creating
& help each other along the way

Life is hard and surprising and you'll never "finish" or "get there" because there isn't an end to arrive at. Happiness isn't a place. Success doesn't guarantee anything. All you can do is enjoy your time, make the best of everything, and help others along the way.

Printed on on thick, durable, matte, archival, acid-free paper. 

Please note that 8x10" print may be harder to read due to the already-small size of the handwritten text. 

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