Photo of the book You Are Here (For Now) by Adam J. Kurtz held up against a blue sky with clouds.
Photo of the book You Are Here (For Now) by Adam J. Kurtz shown in pile of art and paper from the creative process
Two books by Adam J. Kurtz, You Are Here For Now and Things Are What You Make of Them photographed on a white blanket

You Are Here *For Now

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Art and essays about personal growth, change, and being alive.

You Are Here *For Now is hopeful and funny and realistic and then oops dark parts but then we're back again and with just enough optimism to make it all okay. Twenty short essays are accompanied by pencil and paper art to help you find your way through path, purpose, relationships, self-love, survival, and getting over the limitations we apply to ourselves.

As we collectively crawl our way to the other side and take stock of who we are now, we need the space to acknowledge what we learned, honor what we lost, commiserate, unpack, digest, and identify where we go from here.

This pocket-sized book will be a special gift for anyone who's feeling a little bit lost or unfocused, including maybe yourself. I hope you'll find some comfort or recognition in these pages. 

Your pre-order from any bookstore before October 19th is the best way to support my art and this book. Thank you!

“Adam J. Kurtz never ceases to ground us in humor and realism with an effortless kindness underscoring everything he creates.”   –Chani Nicholas,  author of You Were Meant For This | Accompanied by Adam's
“Adam's work serves  as a permission slip to  show up authentically  and without shame.  What a special gift.”   –Alexandra Elle, author of After The Rain | Accompanied by Adam's
“I felt like we'd just sat on Adam's couch for hours as he talked me through my worries and insecurities, from love to life purpose.”  –Mari Andrew,  author of Am I There Yet? | Accompanied by Adam's

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A photo of Adam's desk covered in printouts of text too small to read with handwritten notes and blue folded paper artwork strewn about.


Honoring the journey through photos, sketches, screenshots, and more.