Pick Me Up Journal
Pick Me Up Journal
Pick Me Up Journal
Pick Me Up Journal
Pick Me Up Journal

Pick Me Up Journal

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Pick Me Up is an interactive (shhh art therapy) book-journal-guide-thing from the artist and author of 1 Page at a Time that will help you write and draw your own way through the dark parts. 

This weird, optimistic book pushes you along with unexpected prompts, “existential activities,” some dark humor, and pages that keep you #connected, even when you feel alone. More than anything, you’ll build your own guide now for figuring sh*t out later – because someone telling you to “cheer up” is infuriating, but a pep talk from yourself might just work.

Pick it up and leave your mark. When you come back, leave a little more. Watch yourself change as you record and reflect on where you are and where you’re going.



Praise for Pick Me Up:

"Pick Me Up is riddled with advice, quirky illustrations, and questionable dad jokes. By poking fun at society's unrealistic expectations surrounding eternal happiness, Kurtz instead works to assist his readers in arriving at their own unique pursuit of contentment..." –VICE

"Adam J. Kurtz is a magician: the alchemist of paper and pencil, rendering our inner lives visible, tactile and full of potentiality. He reminds us that creativity is the coolest of all resources-infinite, fun, free-and that we are blessed to have it." –Melissa Broder, author of So Sad Today

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