Free Printables

Free Printables

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I LOVE PAPER SO MUCH and over the years have made a handful of different printable activities and crafts. I'm collecting them all here on the shop find them all โ€“ย pair with my books and other gifts as you wish.


Holiday Movie Bingo: Set of 4 bingo cards full of classic holiday movie cliches โ€“ print them out for up to four friends before you binge watch your faves.

Fortune Teller for Creatives: A "cootie catcher" full of optimism for the new year, plus a video tutorial on how to fold it if you didn't grow up with these.

Leave Me Alone door hanger: For all the times you "just can't even" etc.

IOU Gift excuse certificates: Forgot a gift? Blame Santa! Or someone else.

IOU ADAMJK Gift excuse: Did I screw this one up? Definitely blame me.


Tag me @adamjk if you print and make any of these for yourself! :)

Please keep in mind these are for personal use only, which sounds like a thing I shouldn't have to say (who do I think I am???) but you'd be surprised. ;)

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