OK Tarot Pin Set ADAMJK

OK Tarot Pin Set

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This pin set features original art of The Fool card from The OK Tarot: The Simple Deck for Everyone, my own take on the tarot that leaves individual interpretation up to you.

The Fool is a sort of bookend to the major arcana that’s regarded as both #0 and #22 in the tarot. Before learning about the tarot, I didn’t really understand what this card was about. As I learned, I understood that The Fool is each of us, embarking on a journey through life as told through the cards. My own interpretation borrows a dunce cap—the classic uniform/punishment for idiots—and reimagines what ignorance can actually be. In my own life, I find that a certain amount of ignorance can be the key to self-preservation. We are inundated with information at a volume that can be debilitating. Sometimes I find that not-knowing everything can be the only way to get up in the morning.

The flower represents an admiration of beauty in the world, a foolish pursuit if it’s all one looks for, but also a wonderful quality. Stopping to smell the roses and appreciate the small things is one of the surest ways to find happiness in life.

Set of two pins affixed to pink card with rounded corners and in a clear plastic bag. Hat pin measures about 1.5" tall, while rose is 1" across. Both with rubber clutches on the back to reduce slipping.