Unsolicited Advice 2017

Sold out

Unsolicited Advice is now sold out for the year! But don't worry because I've also created an undated 12-month agenda that you can fill in as you go, also crammed full of tiny reminders, and it even has six pages of sticker sheets in the back. It's called THEN & NOW and is available now at Amazon or Book Depository (free global shipping). You can start any time.

If you just want the offbeat and introspective activities, I'd also suggest my journal books Pick Me Up or 1 Page at a Time which are crammed full of just that!

* * *

Pocket-size weekly planner full of tiny jokes, activities and nagging to (maybe???) help you keep your s*** together in the new year.

NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES OR ANYWHERE ELSE! Now in it's sixth edition, Unsolicited Advice is exactly what it sounds like – a year's worth of tiny reminders and advice that you didn't ask for but might appreciate anyway. It's a 2017 planner with a personality that's a little jaded but mostly just hoping for the best. This is for anyone who needs a little distraction and encouragement to get going but also just wants the freedom of a simple little planner to make their own. Plus it's yellow which is a nice color.

Take a look inside with the flip-through video on the Kickstarter page here: