Unsolicited Advice 2016


Image of Unsolicited Advice 2016

Unsolicited Advice is a weekly planner with dated pages to help you keep your life organized in 2016. Part calendar, part journal, it's intended to help you keep your shit together but also kick your ass a little bit. It nags you with small reminders like "go to bed what are you even doing right now???" then makes you laugh with unexpected surprises and of course my shitty drawings. It's stupid and useful, full of surprises, with plenty of space for you to make it your own.

  • 5" x 6" so you can carry it around pretty easily.
  • Wire-bound lets you lie it flat so you can actually write in it.
  • 160 black & white pages full of fun activities, reflective exercises and tiny scrawled reminders.
  • Every week appears across two pages, with more space for daily notes and an "end of week" catch up space for extra notes or looking ahead.
  • Simple cover design so people aren't like WOAH WHATS THAT IS THAT YOUR DIIIIAAARRRYYYY?????
  • 15pt cardstock cover – stronger than last year's edition!
  • It's fun and weird and cool but not too cool.
  • Does not have any emojis but you can draw some in as needed.

More about this project: Take an in-depth look on Kickstarter or watch a video flip-through of this year's edition!

I've filled this thing with weird activity pages that might remind you of being a kid, or you know, some time when you weren't glued to your phone. They're child-ish, but not childish. This is not for children. It references the internet but doesn't beat you to death with tired emoji jokes. It references pop-culture but it's not obsessed with any popstars (except for Alanis Morissette, who it is very obsessed with).


Image of Unsolicited Advice 2016