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Unsolicited Advice 2018 Weekly Planner

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Please visit adamjk.com/2018 to look inside this year's planner purchase an expanded softcover edition on Amazon. It's also available at local Amazon Canada, UK, and European websites with FREE SHIPPING at each. <3


Unsolicited Advice is a pocket-size dated agenda that gives you space to plan your life with encouragement, tiny handwritten advice, and jokes (that literally nobody asked for).

A simple, no-nonsense* planner you can actually use.

It's small, it's lightweight, it's cool but not too cool, and it's not too precious. This planner has evolved since 2011 and strikes the exact right balance between a functional planner and the weird little DIY "planner and life coach" it grew from. I'm 90% sure you'll actually use this thing all year.

Fun activity pages in the beginning help you set your goals, but like, only if you want to. Favorites like the "Instant Grams" emergency social posts are back again, and throughout the year I'll surprise you with activity pages every few weeks. Each new month starts with a full page calendar grid to cross off the days as they go, and a monthly goals writing page.

The actual weekly spreads put the focus on you, so there's enough open space that you can plan ahead, or use this as a dated diary to recap your life as it happens. I'll pop in to offer advice, doodles, moon cycles, mercury retrograde warnings, holidays (all the real ones plus some of the fake ones), and an end-of-week catch up section.

*does actually contain some nonsense lol