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Frown Face Embroidered Cap


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  • White Hat
  • Black Hat

Sometimes you just don't feel like smiling. Sure, putting a smile on can actually make you feel better, but I personally prefer to wallow in sadness or frustration for a little first. IT'S CALLED PROCESSING AND IT IS GOOD AND USEFUL.

Based on an "original drawing" of a frown I drew when I was upset and later made into a chenille patch... and then a pin... and now I am realizing that I am obsessed with frown faces. They're sort of crude and ridiculous, and a nice counter to how ubiquitous a smiley face is. Like we get it, you feel something. Cool, same.

This is a pretty straightforward 6-panel hat. It's "unstructured" for that vintage fit without giving you a giant head. The back has a cloth strap with a metal catch so you can adjust to any size (in case you do have a giant head). Embroidery is 1.75" diameter in two colors.

This product is printed to order and will ship separately from other items. Also available in black (not pictured but identical except the hat is black of course).