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Image of EVERYTHING Magnet

This is a magnet! For the keychain version, click here.

Okay listen up. Things are not necessarily amazing right now but the reality is that time moves forward and shit you don't understand now turns out to have been really necessary for your personal growth or for a chain of events you can't even understand currently. Everything will be so good so soon just hang in there & don't worry about it too much. Trust me on this.

My name is Adam J. Kurtz and I wrote/drew/made this art in 2013. You have maybe seen it elsewhere on the internet but I promise you it is my literal handwriting and words and just a feeling I felt very strongly when a friend was in a really scary accident. In the years since, she's made a full recovery, moved to NYC, written two books, met an awesome guy, and got a bunch of tattoos and she's basically grown into a very cool and awesome woman. I know this little aphorism sounds a little bit trite but this is actually how life works. It just keeps on going so you gotta just stay with it.

Shiny gold metal magnet is about 2" in diameter and 2mm thick. It's nice and sturdy and can be very comforting to just hold it in the palm of your hand. With a magnet affixed to the backside in a recessed groove (I didn't just glue magnets on a thing) so it'll look great at home, at work, or anywhere you need to stick a little bit of encouragement.

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