Dancing Girls Emoji Pins


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when i was your age the dancing girls emoji were these squat little characters and they were very cute and nice and now apple made them like, slender ballet dancers but literally fuck that they aren't even cute anymore

ANYWAY a lot of people make a pin of the emoji and i think that is ok because this one is so good for best friends. but here's the thing... what if you have three friends? this emoji is extremely limited!!!!! also even if you are part of a BFF duo, why are you both wearing two girls each? is that not four girls? DOES NOT TWO PLUS TWO MAKE FOUR? (IT DOES).

originally i drew these "shitty emojis" for a large project that was fully scrapped but i didn't wanna let go of this drawing. they are very shitty, as you can see, but in like an adorably off kilter way. because lets be real, you are your friends are amazing but also kind of a mess.

each girl pin measures 1" x .5" and comes with a sturdy rubber clutch so the pin shouldn't slip off. order as many as you need for your full group of friends so nobody is left out.

these are basically a joke i am never making more ever again so if you want it please don't wait or it will be gone and i will feel bad